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Nothing can be scratched or LOST!

Originally developed for completeness controls in the aviation industry, the idea of multicoloured foam inlays by now enjoys great popularity among various industries. Among classics, such as screwdrivers, our customers also protect other sensitive products with our high quality foam inlays – from knives, photo equipment and giftware to artifical dentition.

The advantages
of foams

The idea of using foam for order systems comes from the aircraft industry. Tools used in aircraft construction are thus directly located. The search is no longer necessary, nothing can be lost. Today the use of such ordering systems is summarized under the 5S method. It comes from Japanese and serves as a tool to make jobs and their environment clean and clear. The 5S method minimizes the risk of accidents at work and optimizes work processes.

The 5S method:

Sort out. Everything that is not needed for the work at this place is sorted out.

Place neatly. What is actually needed, a fixed place selected, defined and marked under ergonomic aspects.

Sourish. The workplace is cleaned from scratch.

Keep clean. This means constant cleaning up and prevents new items from unplanned access to the workplace.

Self-discipline. In order to maintain order and cleanliness, discipline is required. If an area for a tool is defined, it is always there.

Our customers, who work with this method, share with us their needs - we implement them. No matter if it is an idea, or there are already concrete designs. We make everything possible and customize our products to each customer.

We produce foam inlays in various sizes, colours and materials. With these foam inlays our customers protect their vaulable goods, optimize their production, clear up their workplaces or design their individual product presentations.

We offer to our customers:

• a professional design team
• layout design and preparation of
approval drawings
• different milling techniques (2D/3D)
• high quality material in various
intensities and colours
• custom-fit production
• scan-service
• lasering, terminal diagrams etc.

3D-Milling technique

The precisely custom-fit assembly of the goods to be protected is facilitated by our state-of-the-art scanner. It produces a 3D contour, which is milled into the foam in different depths afterwards.

Professional foam solutions for:

• drawer inserts
• sensitive goods
• tool cases
• product presentations
• packaging
• carriage
• anything you want to protect


We can easily deliver your company logo on the outside of any of our products using our in-house pad printing and custom design molding.

OEM advantages

• very fast expansion of your existing product line
• preserve your existing brand, control customer
• option to outsource all packaging and labeling
• option to ship directly to customer





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