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 ATEX LED LIGHT Series 91-01




  • Ideal to be used in the environment of flammable gas steam and dust environment, such as Petrochemical Plant Chemical Plant Pharmaceutical Factory,etc.
  • Class1,zone 1&zone 2,zone21&zone22



  • With its reflector which have different angles design, it efficiently utilize the light. Have a good performance of illuminance uniformity,glare free, can avoid eyestrain to the worker.
  • A full range of high conductivity material accelerate convection cooling structure, effective guarantee long-term use in high temperature environments.
  • It adopts CREE LED as light source, no dark spot, can save 60% or more on energy than Metal Halide Lamp.
  • Taiwan Meanwell driver or driver with same quality, power factor above 0.98, high reliability and long time service life.
  • The adjustable locking device on the bracket can tightly fix the lamp to any desired angle, making the lamp resist to harsh vibration.
  • It is made using aluminum housing, all exposed fasteners adopt 304 stainless steel. Using high-tech anti-corrosion surface treatment technology, suitable for hazardous working areas.
  • Intelligent control functions can be realized.








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